Dew of Youth
This Magical Potion suitable for all skin types will help you maintain a young youthful skin and fight those fine lines and wrinkles! It consists of:
✨ Rose hip seed oil that will reduce skin pigmentation, brighten your skin and fight acne and scars.
✨ Jojoba oil that will add glow to your skin. It also helps in healing scars and acne.
✨ Almond oil will cleanse pores without clogging them. It also acts as an excellent moisturizer.
✨ Cypress oil  detoxes the skin and will help you maintain a healthy looking radiant glow!
✨ Frankincense essential oil has the kind of sent that brings feelings of grounding and calmness. It helps in shrinking those fine lines and wrinkles!
✨ Geranium oil has incredible restorative healing properties. It has the properties that will reduce wrinkles, regenerate skin cells and reduce marks caused by skin irritation.
✨ Carrot seed oil that will help in repairing sun damages, scars and make your skin smooth. 
✨ Lavender Oil that will remove wrinkles and reduce discolouration.
✨ Vitamin E that assists in productions collagen and improve skin tone. 

💛 20 mL bottle💛

Dew of Youth (Serum)